With the continuing growth and popularity of both indoor and outdoor water fountains, the manufacture of the products continues to improve in quality and design, reaching  the highest standards.The designs vary tremendously from the rustic outdoor fountain depicting earth worn broken clay pots to the very elegant indoor table pieces or floor standing units.These are typically designed using fine glass or copper, as well as other light weight metals. Indoor fountains tend be used  to enhance the decor in the home and it is therefore very important that the sizes are proportionate to the room and in keeping with the decor.Wall units also need to be sized accordingly as one doesn't want them to be overpowering. The style and size is also a big factor as one doesn't want the sound of the running water to be too loud and interfere with conversation. The low decibel sound of the water is pleasing and calming.

The very large fountain that can be seen standing majestically in the front of a number of homes can afford to have the powerful sound of flowing water as it is the center piece and focal point of the front of the house. Because it is also outdoors, the sound does dissipate as well.Outdoor fountains for patios and courtyards need to be in proportion in size with the more confined space they are in, and once again the sound level should not be too high.Backyard fountains need to be larger in stature as they don't want to be lost in the surrounds of the larger plants.Once again the style should be in keeping with the landscape.



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Stylish Water Fountains for Your Yard or Table

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