As we all know, one of the basic ingredients to good health and life, is water. Whether it be for plants, animals or humans we all need it to survive.There are many reasons for the intake of water, such as prevention of of dehydration, for the body to function normally, for dietary purposes and many more.

What many people are not aware of, is an ancillary reason for the tremendous importance of water.It produces NEGATIVE IONS.One of the greatest poducers of these ions are oceans as well as waterfalls.Due to the high intensity of the moving water crashing down on the beach or the rocky surface at the bottom of the watefall, tens of millions of negative ions are created.Rivers and running streams are also  very good sources.It is well documented that when one sits on the beach, looking at a waterfall or sitting in a wooded area beside a stream, one gets to feel energized, tranquil and peaceful. This is due to the nagative ions that are continually being produced and absorbed by one.

Where does the water fountain fit into this picture? It's quite straight forward! Having an indoor fountain will certainly improve your wellness in many ways. The negative ions produced from the water cause minute particles, such as dust, dander and smoke to combine together and cause them to fall to the floor.They can then be vacuumed and removed. It has been noted that these negative ions can have  a very positive effect for those people suffering with hay fever, allergies, asthma and other bronchial problems. The vast majority of homes have both air conditioning and heating which dry out the air tremendously. Another positive for the intoduction of a fountain is that it will produce moisture which helps to prevent skin, nails and hair dryness.

How many times do we see water fountains, both wall and floor units, when we visit the doctor's or dentist's office.Besides the pleasing asthetics, the runnning water of the fountain has  a very soothing and calming effect on the patients.Fountains are now also becoming more prevalent in business offices as well.

The benefits of both indoor and outdoor fountains are endless!

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