Going back centuries in time the main builders of fountains were the Greeks and the Romans.The main reason for building them was to provide water for the residents of the various towns. These fountains were typically located in the center of the city as a means of convenience, but also provide a gathering spot for the town folk to come and socialize.These fountains were not only extremely large in stature, but were very beautiful and ornate. These works of art have withstood the test of time and can still be seen in perfect working order in Italy and Greece as well as other countries. Many of them are now historic landmarks.

Moving forward in time, fountains became a status symbol for a number of large corporations and businesses as well as the very wealthy home and estate owners. The medium of construction for these huge fountains was various types of stone and marble. The cost of the stone as well as the labor to fabricate these fountains made it impossible for the average person to afford. This is no longer the case today! Prices have dropped dramatically as the use of light weight metal, glass and synthetic fabrics are now being used.We are seeing the popularity of both indoor and outdoor fountains continuing to rise and expect this trend to keep going up.