Maintenance of your water fountain is most important and if well cared for, it's life will be extended by a good percentage.The most important component of the fountain is the filter, and just like a human, it is the heart that keeps it alive.Clean filter....clean heart and the result is good health! Being exposed to the elements, the filter will get debris, dust and other particulates in it so these need to be removed. Every so often the filter should be removed and the outside wiped down with a cloth to clean away the debris.The cover should then be opened and the inside cleaned. If necessary use an old tooth brush to reach any hard to get at areas.If there are birds that come to the fountain, the water should be changed on a more frequent basis, due to the unsanitary mess they tend to leave.

The bowl should be drained and cleaned using a soft brush to get any debris off the sides and the bottom.If there has been any white build up of calcium, it can been removed using white vinegar.Refill the bowl and see to it that the filter, which has been returned to it's normal position, is completely submerged before turning it on.

Algae is prevelant in any outdoor fountain. Just like any other plant life, if the algae is in a sunnier spot, it will grow faster than if in a shadier area. A liquid algaecide  should be used to keep the agae under control. The use of chlorine pucks are not recommended as they are hard on the motor and pump.

If you live in a harsh winter climate, the fountain needs to be drained, cleaned out thoroughly and dried.If it can be taken indoors so much the better, but if not, place a  winter cover over it and secure well. 

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